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Q&A: How Will the February Cold Snap Impact My Electric Bill?

Will my bill be higher for February? Bills typically increase during cold snaps because heating systems are running for prolonged periods of time. HVAC systems and space heaters often use more energy than any other appliances or equipment in the home. The mid-February cold snap set a new record for most single digit highs in February with at least six days, breaking the previous record of five days set in 1899. Did rates increase for PCEC members? PCEC has not had a rate change since 2016 and did not implement a rate increase during the February cold snap. However, members’ [...]

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PCEC Response to Extreme Winter Temperatures

February 18th, 3:00 PM At this time, PCEC does not anticipate any temporary forced outages for its members, but the cooperative is encouraging members to maintain lowered usage tonight and into tomorrow. February 17th, 4:30 PM Please continue to conserve energy as we head toward another peak this evening. We remain optimistic and appreciate the small steps our consumer-members are taking to keep power flowing in the Northland.   February 17th, 8:00 AM There remain no plans in place to implement temporary forced outages for PCEC members. Demand levels remain very high and systems are strained, so we continue [...]

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PCEC Security Acquired by WH Security

Team PCEC is constantly looking toward the future and finding the best options for our consumer-members when it comes to continued reliability of the services we provide. This forward-looking philosophy extends to the services of our subsidiary companies as well.  For many years, PCEC Security’s monitoring services have been handled by the subsidiary of a fellow electric cooperative, Wright-Hennepin in Rockford, Minnesota. After a thorough vetting process, an offer from Wright-Hennepin (WH Security) to acquire PCEC Security has been accepted. This will provide the best opportunity to continue the long-term stability of outstanding service for previous PCEC Security customers. Service [...]

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