Platte-Clay Electric Cooperative gives its members the tools they need to make smart energy choices. From renewable energy options to energy efficiency rebate programs, you have the power when it comes to your electric cooperative.

Efficiency Rebates

One of the easiest ways to save more energy is by upgrading your home’s energy efficiency. Platte-Clay offers energy efficiency rebates to help members save money while completing those projects. From smart thermostats to electric vehicle chargers, we give you the resources you need to take control of your energy usage. 

Renewable Energy Options

PCEC consumer-members can choose to support 100% renewable energy resources through our innovative GreenPower program. Participating in this program means the amount of energy you use every month is accounted for in wind energy generation through the retirement of renewable energy credits. The cost is an additional 1.5 cents per kilowatt-hour. Members can also support solar technology by subscribing to our community solar array.  

Bluegrass Ridge Wind Farm

Demand Billing

You can control your energy costs by decreasing your peak demand, or the maximum amount of energy needed to power your home at one time. Consumer-members have the power to lower their bill by limiting the number of appliances running at one time and setting times on electric-powered equipment. Utilizing demand billing gives members more control over their monthly charges.

Energy Audits

Members can sign up to have an Energy Use Specialist do a thorough review of their energy usage and home energy efficiency for a minimal fee. After members complete at least 50 percent of the recommended improvements outlined by the co-op within six months of the audit, they may be eligible for a rebate of up to 50% or $750 in matching dollars for improvements with the audit fee being returned.