Security Lights & Decorative Lighting

IMG_1723Protect your home or business and make it more attractive with a Platte-Clay security light. Light fixtures operate automatically from dusk to dawn and help deter vandalism, burglaries and other crimes. All energy and maintenance is included in the monthly cost.

Basic security lights installed on an existing pole (with a transformer or meter) have no up-front charges.

Decorative Lighting Options

Decorative lighting fixtures are available for subdivisions, street lighting and other applications. Prices start at $1,400
for a decorative fixture and pole.

Granville Premier

Utility Granville

The classic elegance of acorn street lamps adorned metropolitan avenues and plazas during the early 20th Century.  The Utility Granville Series captures the essence of this bygone era while incorporating the most advanced technology available today.  In addition, the permanent borosilicate glass refractor ensures decades of service, allows maximum spacing with uniform light distribution, minimizes upward wasted light, and creates a distinct sparkle.  All this distinguishes the Granville Series luminaire from conventional plastic acorn fixtures, which tend to degrade over time, resulting a yellow, brown or cloudy appearance.


Utility Arlington

Since the 1920’s, luminaires incorporating the graceful symmetry of the eight-sided lantern have enhanced urban streets and parks throughout North America.  The Utility Arlington luminaire blends this elegant design with precision optics and state-of-the-art lamp technology to create a series that is aesthetically pleasing and provides superior performance.

Washington Postlite

Utility Washington

The traditional styling and beauty of this classic Washington style globe adorned our capital city in the early 20th Century. Throughout the years, this style luminaire has been prevalent throughout all of North America.  Today, the Utility Washington Postlite provides both form and function.  The optics have a precisely engineered prismatic pattern which allows for efficient light output, maximum pole spacing, high vertical light levels, and uniform illumination.  Shown with optional full cover, ribs and bands.

Postop Utility

Utility Postop

The timeless styling of the Utility Postop provides a versatile solution to any street or area lighting project. In combination with a traditional style post, the Postop effortlessly adapts to a historic setting.  Mount this luminaire on a contemporary pole and it will complement even the most modern architecture.