Surge Protectors

Meter Based Surge ProtectorSafety for Your Home or Business
Platte-Clay offers whole-house surge protection that can help you protect electrical appliances and sensitive electronic equipment against power surges. For hard-wired appliances such as dishwashers, refrigerators and washing machines, PCEC offers the Tesco Surge Protector. Each device must be installed at your meter by Platte-Clay and provides complete household hard-wire protection for up to 70,000 amps. You can lease these devices for only $4.95 per month, which you may pay with your electric bill.

For your more sensitive electronic plug-in equipment such as phones, computers, DVDs, DVRs and stereos, Tesco and Platte-Clay recommend electronics-grade point-of-use surge protectors in addition to the Tesco MSA surge protection system.

The hard-wire protectors come with a limited product warranty and coverage should the equipment fail. The warranty only applies when surges enter through the electrical service entrance. Members may get a surge protector by e-mailing or calling 628-3121 to schedule an installation.

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Meter Based Surge Protectors

Tesco Whole House Surge Protection
Platte-Clay leases whole-house surge protectors. A PCEC technician will install the units, which lease for $4.95 a month. The Tesco unit protects against most storm, lightning and other power fluctuation damage.

If you would like a whole-house surge protector installed at your home, please download and review the documents below. Sign and return the completed application to or mail to PO Box 100, Kearney MO 64060.

Whole House Surge Protection Lease Agreement Application

Whole House Surge Protection Limited Product Warranty

Call 816-628-3121 or e-mail for more information.