Will my bill be higher for February?

Bills typically increase during cold snaps because heating systems are running for prolonged periods of time. HVAC systems and space heaters often use more energy than any other appliances or equipment in the home. The mid-February cold snap set a new record for most single digit highs in February with at least six days, breaking the previous record of five days set in 1899.

Did rates increase for PCEC members?

PCEC has not had a rate change since 2016 and did not implement a rate increase during the February cold snap. However, members’ households and businesses using more energy during colder temperatures will likely contribute to higher bills. Platte-Clay is currently examining the long-term financial impact of this extreme weather event.

What can I do to lower my bill in the winter?

You can save a significant amount of energy by keeping your thermostat to 68 degrees or lower in the winter. Keep plenty of blankets around the house and dress for the weather so you can set your thermostat lower. You can also save energy by unplugging devices when not in use and avoiding the use of space heaters.

Are there resources available if I need assistance with my bill?

There are a number of resources that may help PCEC members with paying their bills. A list of community resource organizations providing utility assistance is available on www.PCEC.coop. Additionally, the State of Missouri has assistance programs that may provide relief for members.